Fifth Sunday of Lent

Announcements from our bulletin of March 18, 2018



The following infants and children have been initiated into the Catholic Faith Community through the Sacrament of Baptism.

This liturgy reflects the teaching of Jesus who said: “ one can enter heaven unless he has been born again of water and the Holy Spirt”.
  • Reese Sydoriw,
  • Avery DeHimer,
  • Rosalyn Dawes,
  • Catalina Santiago,
  • Addison Dischiavi,
  • Katherine Dischiavi,
  • Jordan Furner,
  • Bryce Radley,
  • Isaac Hall,
  • Madelyn Jones,
  • Analise Carr,
  • Victoria Walker,
  • Sawyer Kelly,
  • Scarlett Kelly,
  • Isaac Johnson,
  • Declan Mankad,
  • Charlotte Miller Aria Woods,
  • Elysia Barry.


Class Schedule:

  • Grades K-5:
    March 18th, & 25th
    Regular Times at Notre Dame.
  • Grade 6-10:
    March 18 at 11:00
    Mass for ALL CLASSES with class to follow.
Confirmation class and sponsors meet downstairs at 10:30. March 25th at 5:00 pm regular class at Notre Dame.
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