Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Announcements from our bulletin of August 27, 2017



Registration forms are due to the office by August 30th.

Please submit them as soon as possible. Thank you

Click here for Registration forms.

Please consider donating your time either as a teacher, classroom assistant, or hall monitor.


Becoming an Altar Server allows children to be close to the altar and gain a deeper understanding of the liturgy to increase their personal relationship with Jesus. It’s the “best seat in the house.”

This ministry provides an opportunity for young parishioners to have a visible role in service to our parish community. Serving also allows children to grow in responsibility and teamwork, an experience with lifetime benefits.

If you have a child, male or female, age 8 and up, who is interested in being an Altar Server or if you would like more information please contact Kathy at (315) 724-0402.

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