Sixth Sunday of Easter



May 21 - 22, 2022

Do you want our Lord to come to you and dwell within the depths of your soul as told in today's Gospel Presumably, the answer is an easy "Yes." The way to make this happen is to love God and keep His word. Keeping His word means in part, that we are obedient to Him by obeying the Commandments. By gossiping, lying, being unforgiving, angry, selfish, arrogant, etc. we close ourselves to receiving God's love fully. When we open ourselves through thoughtfulness, kindness, forgiveness, etc., the Blessed Trinity will come and dwell within us.

Strictly speaking, God loves us with a perfect love regardless of whether we love Him or not. But love takes on a whole new form when it is received and reciprocated. Therefore, when we choose to love God, we suddenly realize that our love of Him opens the door for Him to come and dwell within us, transforming us and making our heart His holy sanctuary. What a glorious gift!

We need to allow Him to dwell within us. Only then can we love Him with our whole being. Make the choice to love Him through your obedience, this day, and your relationship of love will grow by leaps and bounds.

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