Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time



Our Lady of the Rosary Parish welcomes the following Baptized infants, children, and adults into our Faith Community.

John Radley Antony Hall Sarah Jones Olivia Carr Linne Walker Elizabeth Kelly Allana Kelly, Andrew Johnson Ilene Mille Francis Mankad Renee Woods Michael Ehlert Louise Zyla Josephine Barry, Marie Santiago, Christopher Everitt.


Father Tom Honold

Now that I am back home, I bought my Parents house at 22 Cheriton Drive, Whitesboro, across from the former St. Anne’s Church. I enjoy the opportunity to celebrate the 9:00 am Mass with you every Sunday. However, I am no longer able to drive to and from Our Lady of the Rosary. I would really appreciate your assistance getting me to and from Church. I am hoping to set up a monthly schedule for drivers to share. If you can assist any future Sunday, please call Dana at the OLR office so she can set up a schedule and provide more detailed information. (315) 724-0402.

Especially needed are rides for the immediate future on August 26th and September 2nd. Thank you and I look forward to sharing Sunday morning Mass with you all. God Bless!

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