Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time





Daily Mass during September is celebrated at Our Lady of the Rosary at 7:30am.



Faith Formation for Students and Parents begins NEXT Sunday, September 22nd for all grades.

If you haven't sent in your application, there will be a table set up that day to hand in your forms or to register . All children and parents are welcome to join us.

We will assemble in the gym at Notre Dame High School at 9:50am for morning classes and 5:00pm for evening classes.

If you have any questions, please call the Faith Formation Director, Kathy Seiselmyer at (315) 724-0402.

Also...If you would like to participate in our Program as a Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Hall Monitor, or Sunday evening general volunteer. Training is provided for all positions. You are welcome to come to meet us!

What do we do in our Faith Formation Program?
We present children and youth with the necessary knowledge and behaviors to live as disciples of Jesus.

Faith Formation informs, forms, and helps a child, youth, or adult to have the knowledge and understanding that the life-giving Christian faith identifies them as followers of Jesus.

In essence, we present our program in such a way that our children:

  1. Grow in their relationship with God for their whole life.
  2. Live as disciples of Jesus at home, at school, in the community, and eventually in the world.
  3. Develop an understanding of the Bible and our faith traditions.
  4. Deepen their spiritual life and practices.
  5. Engage in local community service.
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