Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time



Once again thanks to your generosity, we were able to donate 1579 toiletries to Feed Our Vets. This was a combined effort of both of our linked parishes. Together we can do so many acts of kindness and caring!

Thank you!! Thank You!!!


Join Us! Sign Up!

It's not too late to register for classes K-10th Grades.

All Ages Are Welcome!

Meet in the Church Basement

  • Grades K-5 meet at 9:50 am Sundays.
  • Grades 6-10 meet at 5:00 pm Sundays.

Will you help us continue to provide our CHILDREN with the faith foundation they need to sustain them throughout their lives? We need TEACHERS, TEACHER ASSISTANTS, HALL MONITORS, and general OFFICE ASSISTANTS.

Call Kathy at (315) 724-0402 to sign up. Thank you.


This EVENT is FREE for teens in Called to Action.

This year's "Fall Event" hosted by many of the parishes in the Utica, Rome & Oneido areas.

Sunday, October 21st at Notre Dame H.S. from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

Will you be ready to answer Jesus when he calls You to action?
Our presenter Adam Quigley and his 'team' will lead teens in activities that encourage team building, communication skills, problem solving and more....all while having lots of fun!


October 21 at 10:00 am in the Church Hall.

Parishioners are welcome to attend as observers. If you would like to be on the Agenda, please call the office at (315) 724-0402.

A parish council assists a Pastor by providing advice and effort in support of the parish functions. Among the issues addressed are: Accounting and financial procedures, Personnel and payroll issues, Planning and Building Commission directives, Risk management, contracts, insurance and liability issues.


Woman in a wheelchair needs assistance with morning routine for 2-3 mornings a week. Time frame from 7:00 am to 9:00 am but can be flexible.

For details please call (315) 292-3555. Thank you.


Female caregiver needed in private home. Experience preferred.

For more information please call 315-225-6464.


Al-Anon begins with the principle that alcoholism is a family disease. Al-Anon offers strength and hope to those who do not personally struggle with alcoholism but are close to people who do.

Meetings are held every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 12:30 to 1:30 pm at Zion Lutheran Church on the corner of Burrstone & French Rds.


A child is never too young nor are we ever too old to hear about creation, about God's love, about Jesus, and about the many wonderful teachings in the Bible stories. There is no specific order in which stories need to be told.

Every story helps us to get to know what God is like, what we are like, and the way God wants us to live. After reading the story of Noah in the Old Testament , work with your children to find the words in the puzzle.


The month of October, Daily Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady of Lourdes at 7:30 am.

Daily Mass will return to Our Lady of the Rosary in November.


Please pray for:

Bill T., Joey T., Ann, Helen Uhl, Barb Paparella, Ed & Linda Kloster, Sue Kelly, Anne Merry, Gretchen C., Ben Bell, Mary Galpin, Jim Keegan, Nick LaBella, Ralph Polito, Anne Bruzzese, Fred Bruzzese, Michel Bruzzese, Jim H., Joe & Sylvia S., Lorraine Krecidlo, Randy Glenski, Bill S.DS., Hernan B.,Christine Vetere-Zammiello, Ed Rogowski, Tim Keegan, Cheryl, Mary Jo Hovey, A.F., William Murphy, Tony & Gloria Joaquin, Rita Caruso, S. Kamimski, Willian Decrisci, Norma Crosby, Maurice Carr, Kim N., Michelle Gustufson, Patricia Temple Circelli.

If you would like a name on the List, please call the Rosary Parish Office at (315) 724-0402.


The collection for September 30th
Offertory $5,112.25
On-line Giving $ 352.00
Flowers $ 739.00
Renovations $ 59.00
Total $6,262.25

Thank you for your continued generosity & support!