On March 27th, we discovered a large sinkhole in the parking lot. What transpire from there has been a nightmare! We contacted United Contractors and discovered a rotted tank several feet underground with a strong odor of oil. Once that was discovered a series of events followed. We had to notify DEC and special companies had to be hired to remove and dispose of the contaminated soil. That process took a month and is still not completed. We must pave the area next year.

This has been an extraordinarily huge expense. To date, we owe $32,899.10 to contractors and we still have two other outstanding bills. We anticipate at least another $10,000 expense. More specific detailed information is available at the office.

We are asking for your help to cover these expenses by way of suggestions...should we have a:

SPECIAL COLLECTION or SEND letters to Parishioners asking for a donation or should we just pray that everyone will reach a little deeper to help pay for this unexpected extraordinary expense? Please call the office with recommendations or speak to Father Joe.



Tickets Sales:

  • Banquet: $25. / Adult $10. / Child 5-12 yrs. (Children under 5 yrs. Free)
  • 50/50 Raffle: $2. / ticket, $5. / 3 tickets, $10. / 7 tickets, $20. / 20 tickets
  • Chinese Auction: $1.00 / ticket

Purchase Banquet tickets in church after Sunday Masses. Raffle tickets may be purchased at the event or Church Office.



We still NEED BASKETS for the raffle.

If you would like to donate a basket or gift certificate of any kind, please call the OLR office to let us know. (315) 724-0402.


Our Lady of the Rosary Staff is currently in need of... MONEY COUNTERS on SUNDAY mornings from 7:30 to 10:00 am.

Anyone interested in helping on a regular or substitute basis please call DAN SWIDER at (315) 796-1088.

Your help with this very important Ministry will be greatly appreciated.



Every story in the Bible helps us to get to know what God is like, what we are like, and the way God wants us to live.

This week's puzzle is about how Jesus wants to protect us from doing the wrong things that displease Him. After reading the story, think about actually putting on the ARMOR of GOD every day!

Long ago in the days of the Roman Empire, soldiers wore a protective suit called armor when they went to war. They wore helmets to protect their head, a breastplate to protect the front of their bodies, and they carried swords to fight with in battle. As Christians, we are given a spiritual armor. You cannot see it, as it is invisible, but it works the same way as the armor that the Roman soldiers wore.

God has an enemy called the devil who does not like us because we love God. To protect ourselves from this enemy of God, we are given invisible armor. We put it on every day by praying and by reading the Bible. When we pray, we ask God to put the helmet of salvation on us so that our head is protected from the bad thoughts that the devil tries to give us. We also ask God to place on our chests the breastplate of righteousness so that our heart stays clean and for the belt of truth to be buckled around our waste so that only truth enters our thoughts. On our feet we ask that wherever God leads us, we will always be safe and not afraid when we go. Next, we pray for the shield of faith which is our belief that Jesus will do what He says He will do... protect us from bad things and wrong decisions. If we read our Bibles every day the knowledge we gain teaches us how to use all the pieces of the armor God gives us. Learning from the Bible also gives us the ability to live our lives so that the devil can never win the battle against goodness and so that God always stays number one in our lives!

(In the New Testament, read EPHESIANS 6:10-20.)

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11th Bishop of the Diocese of Syracuse. The Bishop Elect comes to Syracuse from the Diocese of Ogdensburg. The Ordination and Installation will be August 8th at the Cathedral in Syracuse.



Thank you to everyone who has returned their HOPE APPEAL pledge card! If you are still prayerfully considering your pledge, you may bring your completed pledge card to Mass, drop it off at either parish office, or mail it to the Diocese. We are still a long way from our goals but we can make them if everyone will please contribute.

Remember we only have to November 30th this year for pledges to be paid in full.

Any unpaid pledges at that time become payable by the parish.



Have you ever thought of "Praying Scripture"? You choose a verse or two from the Old or New Testament, reflect on it for a minute, and thank the Lord for caring about us enough to have inspired those who wrote it down for all generations to share. Scriptureverses are a powerful way to pray, because as you do this, you are proclaiming who you are in Christ and declaring what God's word says about you, which can literally transform you and all those around you!

"For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword..." Hebrews 4:12



Fr. Joe will be running in the Boilermaker as a Charity Bib Runner for the Center for Leadership Excellence and you can help by sponsoring him. Simply drop a contribution in the collection basket marked Boilermaker/ Fr. Joe. Help the Padre pass the pack.



Please pray for:

Bill T., Ann, Helen Uhl, Ed & Linda Kloster, Anne Merry, Gretchen C., Ben Bell, Mary Galpin, Jim Keegan, Nick LaBella, Ralph Polito, Anne Bruzzese, Fred Bruzzese, Michel Bruzzese, Jim H., Joe & Sylvia S., Lorraine Krecidlo, Randy Glenski, Bill S, D.S., Hernan B., Christine Vetere-Zammiello, Ed Rogowski, Tim Keegan, Cheryl, A.F., William Murphy, Tony & Gloria Joaquin, Willian Decrisci, Norma Crosby, Maurice Carr, Kim N., Michelle Gustufson, Patricia Temple Circelli, Lila Burkhard, Marie Spinella, Mia Gorczynski, Beverly K., Andrew, Mary Camerata, Bernice M., Melanie A., Marylin Jordan.

If you would like a name on the List, please call the Rosary Parish Office at (315) 724-0402.


All Mass Intentions need to be in at least three weeks prior to the requested date. When paying for Masses please include the name of the person for whom the Mass is being said, and the date and time of the requested Mass.

Thank You

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  • Monday, July 16th
  • Monday, July 29th
  • Monday, August 5th

6:00 - 7:30 pm at Lourdes Garage behind the Church.

We will NOT be accepting: clothing, TV's, microwaves, textbooks, computers, broken items, or large appliances.



Our Lady of Lourdes 100th Anniversary Art Exhibit

Just a reminder that OLOL's 100th Anniversary Art Exhibit is only three months away, so we hope all you Lourdes' parishioner artists are either selecting existing work or creating new work to exhibit (maximum of two). The Exhibit will be held the last weekend in September, is open to all Lourdes' Parish members and will include art by students from Notre Dame Elementary School. This is not a judged event and there is no entry fee.

Media: paintings, prints, photography, mixed media, computer generated art work, and small sculptures.

A prospectus will be available in August.

We encourage you to start now to ensure that your art work is ready for the September Exhibit.



The collection for June 2nd
Offertory $ 5,172.00
On line $ 345.00
Renovation $ 291.00
2nd Collection $ 484.00
Total $ 6,292.00