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Jesus stood in their midst and said to them, "Peace be with you."... Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. And he said to them, "Thus it is written that the Christ would suffer and rise from the dead on the third day and that repentance, for the forgiveness of sins, would be preached in his name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things." Reflection: Jesus "was made known" in repentance and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an encounter with the risen Christ. When we offer and receive forgiveness our hearts ought to burn because of the encounter with the risen Christ within us. This is resurrected life: "You are forgiven." This is our witness to the resurrection: "I forgive you." We must walk and act like a forgiven people. Forgiveness is the virtue that enables us not to allow past hurts to determine our decisions and actions in the here and now. Forgiveness opens up the space for creating together with the one forgiven a new future where we can live in peace. (Living Liturgy, p.120)



Important notice for Faith Formation

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The CONFIRMATION class will attend the following:

  • April 25th: Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes at 5:00pm
  • May 1st: 9-12 Retreat(Location TBA)
  • May 8th: Rehearsal Candidates and Sponsors at 3:00
  • May 10th: Confirmation in Our Lady of Lourdes Church

ATTENDANCE at these events is part of the preparation for Confirmation and is REQUIRED!

First Reconciliation dates:

  • Our Lady of the Rosary: Monday April 19th at 6:00pm
  • Our Lady of Lourdes: Tuesday April 20th at 6:00pm

First Eucharist dates:

  • Our Lady of the Rosary: Monday April 26th at 6:00pm
  • Our Lady of Lourdes: Wednesday April 28th at 6:00pm
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Word Search Puzzle

Every story in the Bible helps us to get to know what God is like, what we are like, and the way God wants us to live.

There is a man named Jacob in the Old Testament who is a Bible hero. Jacob's life shows the power and grace of God to change and renew a person. Jacob was originally known for his cunning and deceitful ways, especially towards his twin brother Esau.

However, after losing to God in a wrestling match, Jacob received God's blessings and a new name Israel (Genesis 32:24- 29).

Jacob's life began with a struggle. As a twin Jacob tried to be born before his brother Esau by grabbing his heel.

Jacob's name actually means "he deceives"! (Genesis 25:26).

The boys were the sons of Isaac and Rebecca who were also very special people to God. As he grew up, Jacob turned to God for help to be a good person and stop being deceitful. One night, Jacob had a dream and it changed his life. He dreamed there was a ladder on the earth and it reached up into heaven. The angels of God were going up and down the ladder. God stood above the ladder and told Jacob that He is the God of Abraham and of Isaac. He also said that, "this place in which you are sleeping will be given to you and your descendants. You will have descendants spread all around the earth and I will bless your family". Jacob is regarded as a Patriarch of the Israelites and so is an important figure in many religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The life of Jacob is a very interesting story to help us understand God and His purposes for our lives. After working the puzzle, read the entire story of Jacob in your Bible!

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All Mass Intentions need to be in at least two weeks prior to the requested date. When writing a check for your donation, please include the name of the person for whom the Mass is being said with the date and time of request. Thank You.

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Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas.

He is a community-builder, lecturer and writer. His books are popular throughout the English-speaking world and his weekly column is carried by more than seventy newspapers worldwide.


That means it's never too late to start over. Nothing is irrevocable. No betrayal is final. No sin is unforgivable. Every form of death can be overcome. There isn't any loss that can't be redeemed. Every day is virgin.

In the resurrection we are assured that there are no doors that are eternally closed, every time we close a door, or one is closed on us, God opens another for us. The resurrection assures us that God never gives up on us, even if we give up on ourselves, that God writes straight with the crooked lines of our lives, that we can forever re-virginize, regain lost innocence, become post-sophisticated, and move beyond bitterness. In a scheme of things where Jesus breathes out forgiveness on those who betray him and God raises dead bodies from the dead, we can begin to believe that in the end all will be well and every manner of being will be well and everything, including our own lives, will eventually end sunny side up.

However, the challenge of living this out is not just that of believing that Jesus rose physically from the grave, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, to believe that no matter our age, mistakes, betrayals, wounds, and deaths we can begin each day afresh, virgin, innocent again, a child, a moral infant, stunned at the newness of it all. No matter what we've done, our future is forever pregnant with wonderful new possibility. Resurrection is not just a question of one day, after death, rising from the dead, but it is also about daily rising from the many mini-graves within which we so often find ourselves.

How does belief in the resurrection help us rise from these mini-graves?
By keeping us open to surprise, newness, and freshness in our lives. Not an easy thing to do. We are human and we cannot avoid falling into depression, bitterness, sin, betrayal, cynicism, and the tiredness that comes with age. Like Jesus, we too will have our crucifixions. More than one grave awaits us. Yet our faith in the resurrection invites us precisely to live beyond these. As John Shea once so aptly put it: What the resurrection teaches us is not how to live but how to live again, and again, and again!



Parents of Addicted Loves Ones (PAL) is a national organization founded in Arizona by a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor. Each Pal group is facilitated by a trained peer, someone walking the same path.

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Anyone interested in giving a donation for the ALTAR BREAD or WINE for Our Lady of the Rosary Mass celebrations is invited to call Dana at the OLR Office for more information. (315) 724-0402.



2 hours either 7:00 to 9:00am or 6:30 to 8:30pm for 2 or 3 days a week. (Whitesboro residential area.)

If interested please call (315) 292-3555 .

Thank you & God Bless You!



Dear Parishioners and Friends,
We are reviewing and revising our PRAYER LIST for the new year.

If you would like to add a name , please call the Rosary Office at (315)724-0402 and leave a call back number. You may also email Kathy or Dana with the information at:

Please pray for:

Marianne Looney, Don Yozzo, Matt Durr, Jim Fallon., Joyce Jennings, Mary Kogut, A & C. Roberts, John Sullivan, Ann Doolen, Peg Stafford, Monica Schmadel, Jane, Joe and Sylvia S., Bob Roberts, Susan Keeler, Mia Gorczynski.



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We are praying for you, also, as you continue to shine your light at home and in your community as ambassadors of Christ by exhibiting the Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
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