Registration Policies and Procedures

General Policies

All are welcome.

I your child needs special accommodations or assistance, please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator.

Custodial rights of parents are protected as these pertain to the child’s participation in the program as well as release from the program. Both parents usually have the right to information about their child. In the case of civil orders of child protection, documentation will be reviewed.

Registration Process

Re-registration forms for children returning were emailed to parents and are available on the website or at the parish office.

New students must have a complete registration form .

Faith Formation registration and re-registration forms are available in the parish office or may be downloaded from our website. Please return one completed form for each child attending the Faith Formation Program by August 30th. Forms may be put in the collection baskets, mailed or dropped off at the parish office Monday through Thursday between 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.