From the Pastor

First, I would like to welcome Fr. Tom Servatius to Our Lady of the Rosary and Our Lady of Lourdes. He is an important addition to our pastoral staff, bringing experience and wisdom to the needs and ministries of our now linked communities of faith.

I would also like to thank Terry Bell for her past eight years in various positions here at Our Lady of the Rosary. For many personal reasons, Terry has decided it was time to step down from that position. Her expertise and welcoming personality will be greatly missed. It has been a pleasure to work with her. Her commitment to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish has been greatly appreciated.

As you have probably noticed, some repairs and improvements have been undertaken in the past weeks. A much needed new roof over the front doors of our church building is complete. Thank you to H R Bebee Construction for a job well done.

Next, the awning over the handicapped ramp will be out for repair. There were several rips and tears and with winter just around the corner, we needed to have it fixed. In the spring there will be even more improvements to be made.

Contracts are signed for snow removal this winter. We will continue to use Praznik services. They have done a wonderful job in the past. We were one of the few places open after the major snow storm last March thanks to their hard work. Many thanks to A J Bates as well for keeping our parish grounds in such great shape over the summer months.

All of this work is necessary in order to keep our house of worship in good shape, but such essential maintenance can be expensive, so please be faithful to your weekly contributions to the parish. If possible, increase your weekly giving not only to keep our parish plant in good shape but to also im-prove our parish programs and ministries.

Before I conclude, I ask your prayers not only for the sick of our parish, but also for our recently deceased members. Pray for young families who bring their infant children to be baptized in our parish, those preparing for first reconciliation and Eucharist, as well as our teens preparing for Confirmation in October. Couples entering into marriage in the months ahead also need our prayer, as well as Nate Brooks who is continuing to prepare for the priesthood.

Finally, for all those who are in positions of leadership in our Diocese and in our Pastoral Care Area, may the Holy Spirit fill them with Wisdom.

Father Joe Salerno