From the Pastor

Last week I talked to you about the Hope Appeal, the second matter I want to talk to you about is of direct concern to our parish here at Rosary. Before I arrived as Pastor a decision was made to demolish the old catechetical structure on our property that had stood vacant for many years. There really was no choice in the matter since the Town of New Hartford cited the building for many code violations. After the building was demolished, two oil tanks were discovered in the ground. Through the Department of Environmental Conservation, we learned that there was no significant problems, but the tanks needed to be removed from the ground, any contents dealt with, the tanks cleaned, transported, and disposed of properly. All this has been done and will cost the parish over $34,000.

Cost of demolition $19,800
Cost of the backfill $ 3,600
Cost of the oil tanks removal & subsequent ground clean-up $10,811
Total $34,211

While we have the money to pay the bill, obviously, it will put a significant dent in any savings we may have. If we can be generous in our weekly offering to the parish in the future, we can restore those savings over time and manage to maintain our operating expenses at the same time.

I just thought that you might want to know, because the well being of this parish is really in your hands and in your hearts.

Father Joe Salerno