Financial Report

July 1 through December 31, 2015

The Following Capital Improvements/Maintenance items have been Completed

Replaced all the windows on the first floor in the Rectory and the priests’ living quarters.

Replaced the Roof on the Rectory which was leaking and caused water damage to the first floor meeting room walls.

Painted the first floor of the rectory, and the Main Office.

Replaced the phone system, added a Fax line and replaced the internet service, resultng in overall savings in ongoing service costs.

Repaired the awning that was torn last winter.

Re-wired the rectory, found faulty wiring when dishwasher was replaced and circuit breakers kept popping.

Cleaned out the rectory and church storage areas of items that were broken or no longer usable.

Some Accomplishments

We have paid off our $10,000 debt to the Diocese of Syracuse.

Developed a Website, now parishioners can get their weekly bulletinns, see the calendar of events on line.

The bullen is now being published by an outside company thereby saving the staff hours of work printing and folding them and at no cost to the Parish.

We now have two parishioners who are VIRTUS Trainers to enable timely preparation for those who work closely with children.

Restructured the Faith Formation program with emphasis on parent parcipation and added a Part Time Coordinator.

Various parish committees were formed.

Future Planning

New Signage for the Parish, School building demolition, Continued Parish Growth.

Thank you for continued Support and Generosity.