Classroom Policies and Procedures

School Calendar

Parents will be notified promptly of all updates or any changes (including special events) in the schedule by e-mail, in the parish bulletin, and on the webpage.

The School calendar is available on the website.

Last Minute Program Cancellations

Last minute cancellations will be communicated by local media, e-mail and a message on the parish office phone. Classes are cancelled only for significant reasons.


Absences (and late arrivals) may require make-up work. Each teacher may develop a make-up plan and share it with the families.

If a family is experiencing difficulty getting the students to Faith Formation classes, please talk to the teacher or coordinator.

Rules of Conduct

Time together for Faith Formation classes is extremely important and valuable. The Faith Formation Program strives to assist children in committing themselves to a personal relationship with God and the church. In order for this to happen, students must:

  • Be prepared and participate positively.
  • Listen to the ideas of others.
  • Respect the rules of the class as shared by the Catechist.

Appropriate discipline is an aspect of providing a safe environment. Inappropriate behavior such as, but not limited to, disrespect, intimidation, bullying or harassment will not be tolerated. Incidents of inappropriate behavior should be reported to the Faith Formation Coordinator. Incidents will be discussed with parents. Students are subject to suspension or dismissal.

Health/ Medications

Parents are responsible to notify Faith Formation Coordinator and teachers of any special medical needs of the students. If a child must have medications on site, the parent will inform the teacher and record information on the registration form.

Relatively Minor Accident/Illness

If relatively minor accident/illness occurs to a student while attending the catechetical program, the Faith Formation Coordinator notifies the parent. If the parent cannot be reached, the catechetical leader follows instructions on the Registration Form for the emergency contact.

Serious Accident or Illness

If a serious accident/illness occurs to a student while attending the catechetical program, 911 is called immediately. The Faith Formation Coordinator notifies the parent. If the parent can’t be reached, the Faith Formation Coordinator will follow instructions on the Registration Form for the emergency contact.

Field Trips

All field trips must be approved by the Faith Formation Coordinator. Permission slips with pertinent information must be completed by parents/guardians and returned promptly.

No child will be allowed to participate in field trips, retreats, or service projects away from the parish campus without this information.

Technology: Telephone, Internet and Social Media

All contact with parents using the internet or e-mails will be made through the authorized website to parents.

Authorized e-mails have the following and will all end in:

No contact will be made directly through personal e-mails. There will be no contact with students without a copy of the email being sent to the parents.

The parish does not use social media at this time. There is no authorized Facebook page, twitter account, etc.

The Catechetical Team will only contact parents by phone, never the students.

All e-mails sent to the parish and to those on the Catechetical Team who have authorized e-mail addresses are monitored.

If there is any deviation from this technology policy, parents should report it to Father Joe Salerno immediately.

Use of Photographs

Photographs and/or videos of minors are taken periodically for use in parish publications and to celebrate your child’s participation and accomplishments. In signing the registration form, you are granting permission to Our Lady of the Rosary to use photos and videos of your child with the following conditions:

Child’s pictures will generally appear unnamed in the photo.

If names are used, only your child’s first name will be published.

Last names will not be used without contacting you and obtaining your specific permission for a specific photo.

You may limit or disallow this by contacting the parish office and providing us with a written notice of what limitations you would prefer.

Please note that the diocese, its parishes, schools and ministries have limited control over the use of photography or film taken by private individuals or the media that may be covering the event in which your child(ren) participate(s).